Recovery of feeling

I've done a research on how to overcome your workload and losing your interest in the same time. And still I can't find any solid reason on how this mindset will let people agree with you. People would say that two years is not long enough when you started your first job but for me, it is long enough when no one can guide you and tell you what to do. It's so exhausted.

Because like it or not, life is a part of learning process. You need a teacher that can guide you. And stop shitting by telling me "Experience is the best teacher." Being alone in everything you do without proper person to refer with, and you start wondering whether you are doing it right all this time. It seems practically endless. Moreover, when you didn't received that appreciation after your worked so hard. People hate you because of your initiate knowledge didn't go well with the one they have. What to say? We are all have different circumstances that put us to learn life in different way. Unless you are the boss, and people don't have to argue with you. They just need to be agree with you. Shit. I think as human, we should respect people's differences. And heard them. Maybe we can improve our own little knowledge. But yeah, who cares?

I think I need some rest. Enough with working, weekend working, overtime working. Okay, still there's nothing wrong with workload, in fact it shaped my knowledge day by day. I just think that this is the time where I should leave everything behind and pursue what I want. And I know I can't grow any further here.

Okay, done dengan karangan English aku yang merapu dan tunggang langgang.

Aku baru je dapat restu dari dia. Ha'ah dia, yang pernah jadi ex-bf, pernah juga jadi ex-tunang. Hurm, jangan ex-suami pulak sudah. Haha. Tak salahkan nak berehat seketika dari dunia pekerjaan. Hell yo, bila takde benda nak buat nanti confirm aku jadi rindu kat blog ni. Confirm aku akan update blog hari-hari.. Yeay yeay!

See ya.